What are your prices?

Click HERE for a custom watercolor price list.

How long does the process take?

6-8 weeks is typical. October, November, and December wait times can be longer. I will give you my best estimated timeline when you book. Rush fees apply for quick turn around.

Do you paint on canvas?

Occasionally I paint on canvas, but I do not take commissions for canvas paintings. I only do custom watercolors or pencil drawings at this time.

Do you frame?

No, I do not frame paintings. However,  I can recommend some very talented framers if you like.

Can I dropship my painting?

Yes, I can ship your painting wherever you’d like. I can include a special handwritten message as well.

Do you paint backgrounds?

Yes, I prefer them to be simple though. Sometimes I prefer no background. This can be discussed when you place your order. 

Do you do gift certificates?

Yes, I usually send you an invoice for either a specific amount or a specific item (ie. 8x10 watercolor). I will then type up a personalized gift certificate and email it to you for you to print and wrap up.

Can my figurative painting have a face? OR Can you “add a face” to my figurative painting?

No, these are two different types of paintings that are unique  from the start. Figurative paintings do not have a face detail. “Adding a face” constitutes starting over for me. Painting portraits takes significantly longer than figurative paintings and have different processes.

Can you take out objects/add in objects/combine photos?

Sometimes. I typically like to look at what you are talking about before I make the call. However, I will always try to make the painting what you want. A good rule of thumb is: I can combine, add in, etc., if the photos are taken at the same time in the same light. 

I’m waiting on a good photo…

I’d bet you have some good options on your phone. Send them to me, and let me see if I think they are “good enough”. Don’t stress about the perfect outfit, I can often change the outfits.

Can you paint a photo from my professional photographer?

Please get your photographers permission before sending me their photo. Remember, just because you purchased the photo doesn’t mean you purchased the rights to have that photo reproduced by an artist.

I prefer casual snapshots taken in natural light to professional photographs. Professional photographers sometimes alter the lighting/shadows on their photos. A process that, while helpful for them, hurts my process. If you must use a professional photo, please ask the photographer for the original, pre-Photoshop image.

Do you do live event paintings?

Not at this time.


photography tips



Subject should be photographed from eye level and in natural light. Small smiles or no smile looks best, think “no teeth”. Don’t worry about clothing, runny noses, etc.. Those can be fixed. Instead, make sure the subject isn’t squinting and has their mouth closed. Please get your photographer’s permission before sending me their photo. Remember, just because you bought the photo doesn’t mean you bought the rights to have the photo reproduced by an artist.


Natural, playful, full-body poses look best. Try to capture your children playing when they aren’t paying attention to you. Include special objects (ie. Favorite stuffed animal, baseball gloves, tutus), these make the painting playful. Since we aren’t painting the faces on these, smiling faces aren’t important. Take photos from the back or profile, not straight on.


Animals (especially dogs) can be tricky to photograph because they typically want to come to you instead of pose for the camera. Sometimes it is helpful to get in the photo with the dog. I can always leave you out. They tend to stay still longer that way. When looking for animal photographs please include photos of the whole animal. Animals don’t squint in the sun, so direct sunlight isn’t a problem.



Photos taken in strong sunlight make the best photos to paint. Please send at least one photograph of the whole building taken from the angle you want painted. Detail shots are helpful too.